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INTIS e-Procurement Auction Service helps enterprises reduce direct purchasing costs and provides its members with access to several suppliers. INITS e-Procurement is a web based auction management application that supports both forward and reverse auctions.

Save Money

Intis reverse auction platform makes you benefit from the competition of hundreds of registered sellers. They want your business and will give you their best prices, including a quick delivery!

Online Purchases

Intis negotiates with its registered seller's to offer bulk discounts on listed products for sale. Intis ensures that all seller listed products are genuine with attractive market prices.

INTIS e-Procurement auctions flow
Experts Among Reverse Auction Services

One of the main advantages of intis reverse auction is that listing services are free for both buyers and sellers. It increases the number and frequency of participants by appealing to both buyers and sellers:

  • >> Sellers have free access to a professional venue for introducing themselves and their products
  • >> Buyers' auctions are 100% risk-free:
    It costs buyers nothing to post an unlimited number of orders for wanted items.
  • >> Intis acquires suitable sellers to participate in buyers' auctions to get lowest prices