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About Us is the property of M/s Integrated Informations Systems Pvt Ltd., one of the leading auctioneers and business consulting firms in India.

VISION Statement – ‘To be the No.1 Supply & Disposal Auctioneer in India’

MISSION Statement – ‘Provide the Best Supply & Disposal Solutions for all Industries’

INTIS is headquartered in Chennai with various branches & business associations across many locations in India.
INTIS' Management Team is very strong & highly experienced in areas of Auctions and Engineering.
INTIS focuses on increasing the effectiveness & efficiency of supply & disposal processes across industries.

INTIS covers four major categories
  • Used Machinery
  • Construction Equipments
  • Industrial Scrap
  • Business Surplus

Types of Supply & Disposal Auctions handled
  • Online Forward Auctions
  • Online Reserve Price Auctions
  • Offline Forward/Reserve Price Auctions
  • Negotiated Sales cum Auctions
  • Bulk Auctions
  • Premium/Speciality Auctions



INTIS e-Procurement Auction Service helps enterprises reduce direct purchasing costs and provides its members with access to several suppliers. INITS e-Procurement is a web based auction management application that supports both forward and reverse auctions.

Save Money

Intis reverse auction platform makes you benefit from the competition of hundreds of registered sellers. They want your business and will give you their best prices, including a quick delivery!

Online Purchases

Intis negotiates with its registered seller's to offer bulk discounts on listed products for sale. Intis ensures that all seller listed products are genuine with attractive market prices.

INTIS e-Procurement auctions flow


Experts Among Reverse Auction Services

One of the main advantages of intis reverse auction is that listing services are free for both buyers and sellers. It increases the number and frequency of participants by appealing to both buyers and sellers:

  • Sellers have free access to a professional venue for introducing themselves and their products
  • Buyers' auctions are 100% risk-free: It costs buyers nothing to post an unlimited number of orders for wanted items.
  • Intis acquires suitable sellers to participate in buyers' auctions to get lowest prices


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What does Intis Auctions do?
Intis Auctions does online/offline auctions for registered & pre-approved sellers & buyers across major locations in India. Intis also does valuation services to various clients.
What are the different verticals in Intis Auctions?
Intis focuses on 5 major verticals, such as Used Machinery, Construction & Mining Equipments, Industrial Scrap, Business Surplus & Valuations.
Who are the Sellers in Intis Auctions?
The prospective sellers of Intis Auctions are Major Industries, Manufacturers. Distributors, Corporates & leading Finance companies.
Who are the buyers in Intis Auctions?
The buyers in Intis auctions are Individuals, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Brokers, Consultants etc.
How to get registered as a buyer in Intis Auctions?
To get registered as a buyer in Intis Auctions, one has to submit their KYC documents along with the Registration Fee of . 5000 + applicable GST. The KYC documents required are given below ( Any One from each category). All the KYC documents submitted should be self attested.
ID Proof – PAN Card Copy, Passport Copy & Bank statement with Photo ID
Address Proof – Driving Licence Copy, Ration Card copy & Aadhaar Card
Business Proof – Company Registration certificate, Letter Pad & Any association Membership
Contact Proof – Latest landline/Mobile bill
Two Photographs
How to register as a seller in Intis Auctions?
To become a seller, one has get into a agreement with Intis Auction Pvt ltd, wherein the Terms & conditions along with the commercials are agreed and signed from both the sides.
Intis Auction Process
The Auction Process has three parts
Pre-Auction Process – In this phase the saleable product list given by the seller is put in the Intis auction calendar, clearly mentioning the seller name, date and time of the auction, along with the contact persons details of the seller & Intis. The buyers are intimated of the scheduled auction thru any of the following modes, sms, emails, telecalling & personal meeting. A calender invite is sent to the seller on the auction schedule. In this pre-auction process, the buyers have to physically inspect all the available products for disposals. The inspection process is mandatory. The sellers need to facilitate the inspection process properly so that all the interested buyers are able to inspect the products available for disposals.
During Auction Process – In this phase, the buyers need to login to the auction using their user id and password and start bidding for the products they are interested in. The permission to auctions is seller dependant, hence whichever buyers satisfies the conditions laid down by the sellers will be allowed to participate in the auctions. Buyers cannot back track on the bids placed, all bids are legally binding, hence while bidding, buyers have to be very careful on what they are bidding. The auction starts at a specific time in a given day and ends at the specific time in a sequence. The winners are declared on completion of the auction.
Post Auction Process – In this phase, the winning buyers are to make the payments of the products they have won as per the sellers payment terms. The available seller documents are released to the buyers by the sellers within the agreed time frame between the buyer and the seller. All buyer defaults would be viewed seriously and action would be taken against defaulting buyers, like forfeiting their emds, delisting them from future auctions etc., the products are released by the sellers to the winning buyers in their yards. Any dispute on the documents/products to be settled mutually by the seller and the buyers.
How to contact Intis Auctions?
To contact Intis Auctions Pvt Ltd, you can go to the site and click the link contact us, you will contacted by our service representative.

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